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Well I am a mom of two wonderful kids that I have been blessed with!!! I am not a psychiatrist, or a doctor so anything I say is not the answer to all, it might not even be the right thing for me!! lol I do my best with who and what I have to overcome any challenge with lots and lots of prayer,my mom who is God given just to me for this very reason, my sisters, and friends! I love life, mostly positive........BUT I am insane at times, get to the point of wanting to explode! lol.. I sing kids songs way too much! Did I mention I am OCD when it comes to cleaning. Which believe it or not I think is what keeps me sane. When I clean, I love it. Breakdowns, crying, talking, just all seem to be ok as I clean..Thank God for OCD!!!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Aspergers...ODD...Doctor mommie in da house! and Birthday NOOOO's Aug. 31 2012

Happy Friday!!


Happy Birthday to my first PRINCESS!! 
 She is 8 today!!!
 I am not going to write a lot today, I am going to dedicate this history of pictures to my baby girl ....


This week I got to do something I have never done before!!! I got to dig a RAISIN out of Siahna's nose!!!!!!!  Doctor MOMMIE in da houze!!!!  OK, so there was a moment of panic, but Siahna was cool as a cucumber! I was in the kitchen which is right next to the living room with an open floor plan so it all runs together She is sitting on the couch and said with no emotion at all. I have a raisin in my nose and I cant get it out.....


You have what????????????

Run to her, weird enough she happen to be playing with 3 flash lights right at that moment.......So i grabbed one and looked , a little blood and a raisin sure enough up her nose quite far...............THINK THINK......OH!!!  I have some seriously sharp pointed tweezers............I can do this..........Yelled for help holding the light and I went to work......Siahna just as calm as if I had given her a Valium......... First try a no go.. I am getting more nervous because i don't want to poke her!!  Went in for the second attempt.. OMGosh i got part of it... I slowly pull and I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!   WHEW....  at this point i wanted to make sure we did not do this again so i spoke quite direct to her and let her know this is not ok and it is a no no!  She only then started to get a pouty lip so i stopped and gave her a kiss and all was happy= ) 

I have decided that I do not like pulling food out of a body.!!!!!!!..............I have never gave it much thought, but I now can say with experience I don't like it  lololol  It was not on my bucket list, but i guess i can add it and mark it off........Only problem is........I don't have a bucket list?? Heck, I am happy to have just making it to the next day!  lololol

Ok last thing ..............Little miss princess Samarra decided this week that birthday girls get to do whatever they want and eat whatever they want and not listen as well as she should and when she did not get her way she would try to change my mind by saying.. But it is my birthday!!!!!!!!!!! and start crying and pitchin a fit!!!!!!!!!!! 

Ya know, I love that girl, but we almost had to cancel birthday a few times!!!!!!!!  Even at school for no reason her teacher sent me an email and said that Samarra just got up and walked out and was just walking in the halls, not mad, not upset, just 100% distracted and off in HER world......I have seen more crying this week than i have in what maybe 3 weeks since our estrogen week we had a few weeks back........!!  Last night this girl was laying on the floor crying cause she wanted macaroni and cheese for lunch today and i did not have any..........This is when we were getting in bed, so no way for me to even try...........PLUS Mimi would have sent her Mac-n-cheese, but Samarra forgot her lunch bag at school, and Mimi had told her if she forgot it again she could only have things that did not require containers!!!.........So all night.. with the birthday thing.....  WHEW..

Then this morning she was like did it hurt havin me? I was like heck yea, i did not take drugs!!!!!!  OOPS.. led right into her getting all smiles and glassy eyed askin about blood and pain and did I almost die and laughing...........The child really needs to find a new fascination!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA

I will wait till right before the party to remind her about being thankful to others for gifts........Ya know how Samarra is if you read my blog. She only has very few interests and she will verbalize her dislike for anything that does not interest her..........Too bad it might be all of it since there is no death and dying gifts  lololololol  JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!! She likes board games, mostly chess and checkers and things I don't even know how to play good!!!!!!!!!!!  uggg  I got her another form of scrabble, some really COOL science projects that I cant wait to play with  lol and another word game............ Why cant it just be barbie or something???
Oh wait NO BARBIE, her last one got mutilated with a red pen and I was told it was blood...............OK, that is kind of funny yet disturbing.. lolol

AND NOW.......Here is Samarra, born at 5:45 on Aug 31, 2004

She already knew she was cute!!

My little munchkin.. She had so much hair her ears folded down  lolol

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WHOOO WHOOOO I am falling!!

Brushin the teefers!

Her First Birthday!!!

Her First Birthday!!!

Christmas Baby!!

Mommy and Sam before church

Safari Sam!
BEFORE I got her hair straitened!!!  lol  I actually love this!!

AFTER I got her hair straitened with a flat iron..........BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! She was 3 here.

Really do they get cuter???

The snow was a little deep  lol  AWWW
Before she had to have surgery on her teeth...Age 4

Mommie and Sam.. age 4

Samarra 4, and her cousin Nini

Minnie Mouse awwwww  the hair is perfect.. No ears needed  lol

Absolutely Beautiful !!!

The ONLY time I left her hair down in her life!!!!!!! Took me 5 hours to get tangles out!!!  Is so cute tho!!!

I am DIVA and always will be!!

Tether ball.. remember that???  Mimi's backyard is the best!!!

I will sit on it, but don't turn it on, or i will run in a corner cover my ears and rock and scream! She has actually ridden one since she has been older now tho!!!

Mini Mouse at OPUBCO for Halloween

I am the coolest cat with my fat cat Musu!  lol

I am on the phone.. WHAT???


Friday, August 24, 2012

Aspergers, ODD, We survived school!!! Aug. 24, 2012

Happy Happy Friday.. 
Happy Happy Friday!!

 Remember you have to sing that and do a little dance with it..  the weirder the better!  lolol

 Ok, so I missed a week again..........No excuse is worth it I know.. BUT Samarra started school last Thursday and we were still working on some kinks that day. And boy howdy did we have some KINKS!!!

Honestly, I think I expected a lot worse , but we have moved right into our routine and this past week with the exception of her being tired and getting overwhelmed a bit in the evening, it has went well!!


So last week was LOTS of questions about school which told me she was nervous a bit, but then what kid isn't???  We went to her orientation night on Tuesday, last week and by the time we got home she was already saying she had met her best friends for the rest of her life............See she thinks if anyone even says hi, that they are her best friends..........Cute, but it bothers me cause i know that is not how it works and i was sad cause i don't want her feelings to get hurt.. IF she can.. I am not sure if she would notice it or not????????????  Who knows...

Anyway, I was so stressed out I set up a meeting with the teacher for Wed. last week to just talk.  I really like her new teacher and she sounds like she will be great for Samarra, she is strict, but focuses more on positive reinforcement rather than negative... I told her I was so happy to hear it cause Samarra is attention needy and she WILL get her attention any way she has to !!!!!!!!!  I also told her Samarra will not start something in class, but she WILL copy any behavior she sees the other kids being allowed to do. I told her up front this meeting was NOT for me to inform her about Samarra and what she does wrong.. She is a GOOD girl.. this meeting is for me to calm down!!!!  lol

I did bring up the history of children bullying her and how i don't expect special attention just for her, but that i expect play grounds to be monitored well and the reason i pay money is to keep Samarra progressing in her learning and safety!!!

What I WANTED to say was...........YOU BETTER make sure my baby is not bullied!!!!!!!!!  OMG OMG OMG.. Breathe!!!!!!!  I mean like not to try and make this about me, but  I have never been so mad or upset or had the feeling of wanting to hurt any child before in my life!!!!!!!

Have you seen the show.....................uuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............dang brain.............................ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm............grrrrrrrrrrrr...........GRIMM...........OMGosh thank you brain for kicking in!!!!  LOLOL

Well i would SOOOOOOOOOOOO love to be a Hexon Beast!!  I go into a meeting with someone and be like.. you will make sure my baby is ok right???  then show off my hexon beast face and all of a sudden everyone is YES WE WILL.. it will be our priority!!!!!!!!!  LOLOLOL

But alas God did not see fit to make me a hexon beast and also they dont exist  lolol so I will just trust in him to protect her.. he is better at it anyway and can see her when I can not!!!!!!!  = )

OK, i have to show you what a hexon beast it.........  LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Sorry mom and dad, i know you thry ti figure out how I came out of you sometimes.. but I did and you have to love me  lololol

On the show they can turn back and forth.. she as the character is quite cute.. so see this would work!  lolol

Soooooooooo We have  new thing I know I mentioned before............get nervous or anxious.... overwhelmed by emotions...............equals VOMIT!!!!!!!!!  lolol

Well, Samarra did real well the first day of school.. YAY!!!  I was very proud of her.. She even had homework already.. I like that.. Get it going from the beginning so she has a better routine..........Second day..........

YUP...........As I mentioned.............something happened, i don't know what, sometimes she doesn't know............but she vomited.. lol Poor baby..........But the school called me and my mom picked her up.. I then reminded them about her and they said they would make sure and see how she is after  next time  lol 
BUT the ladies in the office went on and on and on about how Samarra was so amazing and how intelligent she was and how they had NEVER had a child in their office who was like her and they just all enjoyed her so much and they thought it was like sitting and talking to a small adult.............

I was very proud of this.. I was so excited...........the sad part is. adults see this as a gift, children her age see it as weird, unnatural, reason to treat her as an outcast......................sigh..........Why did God create children with the inability to understand things like this???? is it that, or is it the parents???????

So far so good with school.............At home it has not been too bad, i can see a great routine in the morning already which can be the most hectic part so that is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!  The only thing we have problems with is, she STILL like last year wants to wake the baby up and feed her!!!!  UGGG if I have not updated in a while, my baby is almost 3 and weighs 54 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!    Now, I don't care, but health wise I DO!!!  So we fight so far every morning about her going to get her...grrr but small fights, i don't have to turn into the exorcist mom or anything.. lolol

At night, as usual we have our dinner fight.. STILL no HI mom!!! I missed you when i walk in, it is always...........What's for dinner, is it ready............ok, i will go make it.. i say no, she grabs her stuff knowing with the baby i cant catch her and i get home and sometimes she is munching on a frozen waffle before i get there................CAN YOU SAY EWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

I am seriously considering getting a lock for my this bad parenting????????????  I don't know.. If others see it will they think I am abusive?????? Surely they can see my children eat plenty!!!!!!!!

My luck i would get a lock and forget the combo, or loose the key!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOLOLOLOL  You know I am so forgetful anyway.. lol maybe not a good idea  lolol  OMGosh i would so die laughing at myself!!!!!!!

OK so my biggest issue the last few weeks.. which is NOT new, but i don't think i mentioned them before... Yes, I will start off with I am a bad parent when it comes to this cause i only last week realized that i should have been giving a consequence to this all along.. so she does it, but I could have stopped it a long time ago......

Well, with that said, she does NOT like me addressing this issue AT ALL now cause she does not see a problem with it........

So, I am prone to my stomach hurting sometimes when I eat.. I don't eat dinner a lot because of this.. Well I eat sometimes and when i do it takes like about 20 min for me not to be nauseated after I eat.. well she knows this and she does everything she can to get on my stomach..............I am like.. HONEY.. I love you but please don't touch my stomach............And she will turn around and hit me in the stomach.. not like hard hard, but at this point anything is bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OMGosh really???  then I get mad and just say something like honey that is not nice, mommies tummy hurts.. and go on............ WHAT???  That's it.. that is all i have???  Is that not like one of the most obvious reasons to issue a consequence????????????  DUH....

Well anyway, she also will try .. mommy I love you i want to hug and act like she is real upset and misses me and wants to be with mommy and hugs me and squeezes real tight!!!!!  Then I have to push her away before I vomit on her and she laughs!!!!!

So here is my question............What the heck is wrong with me not to notice this??????????

OH geeze!!!!!!!!

Well anyway, she is acting like it doesn't matter, I give a consequence and she is like i don't care, do what ever you want.............Then i just get more mad..........

Like I said tho, not too bad of a week really, she is still sleeping in her bed and so far no meltdowns to mention.............I feel good about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I wonder why i want to take a b ow when i feel like this???  lololol

Samarra turns 8 next week on Friday!!!!!!!!!!  WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are my last two weeks...

First day of school and not happy I took the pic= )  OH WELL...

Samarra pouring water, Siahna frozen and screeming!  lol

On new Teeter Totter.. it is fun!!  I rode it too!

Queen Siahna


Me HIGH.. lol  I had a horrible headache for two days.. I caved and took lortab.. lol

Nanna, Samarra and Siahna

Samarra on new teeter totter

Queen Samarra

Have an AWESOME DAY!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Aspergers, ODD....After TWO years, She did it!!! Aug.10, 2012

Happy Happy Friday to YOU!!!

I feel like i have taken speed today!!  I don't know why????  My head is spinning I have so many thoughts going on, not bad ones.. just a lot of them!. EXAMPLE.......Contests...........Nachos...........Samarra's B-day the elections on the having a hair.......and coffee some more..............AND...........I have talked to myself!  I think I feel like Samarra sounded the day she forgot to take her meds this week!!!!!!!!!  WOW, that is crazy.. talk about PING!!!!!!!!!  Poor thing cant even think almost.. !!!!

I think i need to explain a few of those.. lol.. First off, I may have had too much coffee...LOLOL... The having a baby........UM NO not happening here, momma has no house for the baby...lololol....... I just happen to watch "a Baby Story" before I left home this morning.  lolol so no I am not sad, no I do not want one, it just reminded me of when my babies were born...........Weird tho, dang female hormones make me get goose bumps and cry almost every time I watch that show!!!!!!!  What the heck????  Well I guess that's ok, at least i don't pour out milk every time.. but then if i did i could maybe get a job making milk !!!!!!!!  lolol  OH my my mind is all over!  Oh the surgery part, Samarra we found out this week has to have her tonsils and adenoids out soon, they are huge!!!!!!!


OK, so this week I went back to the self evaluation, and once again realized that it was not only lack of routine from being out of school causing Samarra to slip backwards, it was a lack of me being consistent with my part AGAIN!

It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Hard!  I say I pick my battles, but i think I shoulda picked a few of them, but i got lazy..........I mean, it is so much easier to just let her do it and have a calm environment then it is to teach her and make her do things and have a INSANE environment.......I just need to find ways to reinforce the positive.....I need to praise for the little things like we do with a baby.............if she uses her fork, i need to praise her, if she wipes her mouth i need to recognize her, if she gets dressed by herself even if it is backwards and inside out i need to reinforce she did it by herself and then help her fix it...........(BTW, she HATES it when i make her fix it!!!!!!!!) She gets all mad and angry and aggressive, BUT if i start with the positive, maybe she wont???????

I mean, she has a very HIGH IQ at 125, but this does not help in daily activities at all!!! So it helps Siahna learn, i need to forget she is almost 8 when it comes to little things............I admit i have used the words.. Samarra you are 7 you should be able to do these things honey.............Well that is my bad, she should be able to, but i have not been consistent in working with her and teaching her............Sooooooooooooo I will say this............I will try and do my best, I wont be perfect!!!!!  I am sure I will do some happy dances to praise me for doing it tho  lolol  Weird, yes I know, but I do it... lololol

Soooooooooo............After TWO years!!!!!!!!!..........Samarra did it!!!  it was hard, but............Drum roll please........

Samarra slept in her bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe it, it was rough the first two nights, the first one being the worst, but we have got it down!!!

She was so excited about it all day, we had been discussing it for a while and I set the date........ Poor thing was so excited , her anxiety took over and she vomited all over a few times!!!!!!!!!  But i did not waver from the plan........

So still happy and excited with nothing left in her to get sick with, she jumps in the bed and i get both girls settled in and i kiss them and hug both of them and i start walking to the door and it started..........MOMMY!!!!!!!!  Don't leave me!!!!!  Crying HARD!!!  I cant sleep here, this is not where I sleep!!! NO MOMMY, I changed my mind I cant do it....I cant do it........... She starts to get down............I have to be stern with her.............Do NOT get out of that bed, you can do this!  Siahna is right there and she sleeps in here every CAN do it..................I leave and shut the door..................MOMMY!!!
Screaming and crying and kicking and well, flippin out all over the place!!!!!!!!  I need to sleep on the couch, that is where I sleep, this is not right!!!

I walk back in and said SAMARRA.............Stop!..............You are going to sleep in here and you will get quiet............Siahna all the while is saying.. What is wrong with her???  lolol  Anyway.. I told her that she was setting a bad example for Siahna, of course she did not i told her I would leave the TV on as I do in the living room on preachin turned down, I do that so she wont wake up in the night with like "Girls Gone Wild" or something weird on.. lolol

So she did calm down a bit, but when i left she was still crying and i did have to go back in about an hour later, and 30 min later.. I also have a video monitor in their room so i can hear what is going on with her and I can see the baby.......... and all was quiet in about two hours............

The next morning she woke up and she was one of the happiest girls in the world.. She was soooooooooooooo proud of herself, and I was too.... I praised her all over for it.. I told her.. I KNEW you could do it!!!  She says.. I was not sure I could mom, but I did!!!   That is a battle i have been putting off and it is WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WHOOP WHOOOP!!! Well, the next night it was smaller version, but she did it, last night was an even smaller version.............So, I think we have a new bedtime routine!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course Siahna thinks it is a party situation.. lol she says.. I get up talk to sissy, lay down, then i get up and talk to sissy and lay down, then i get up and talk....... and she just keeps going  lol  it is kind of cute to hear them giggling together and stuff.. but i do after a few min go in there and remind them it is bedtime... lol Give them a few memories to share but still bedtime= )

I have a living room back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YAY!!! And even better than that, we concurred a milestone!!!!!!!!!

With that.. I will stop for this week!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Happy JOY JOY!!!

Only a couple pics this week...

Have a Great Week!!!!!!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Aspergers...ODD.... How can one person have so many tears! Aug. 3, 2012

Happy Friday!!!!

Mom with Samarra and Elizabeth at graduation.... Happy Birthday to you!!!  


Just think about this for a second...It is a horrible thought, I shudder to even think of it!!

 If my mom was not born... I would not be here!!! lololol 

Way to go me.. make everything about me... lolol 

My mom actually is the best mom I could have ever wanted, well now.. back when she used to spank me I don't think I thought that way.. But I am glad she did it now!!!  Thanks MOM, I love you!!! I remember when i was young, I had horrible breathing problems from asthma and pneumonia and back then there were no home monitors for kids and my mom put a cot in her room right next to her with a humidifier right over my head and she was right there all night making sure i kept breathing .........Just one of MANY things I remember, but I think back on that quite a bit as one of my fondest memories...

OK back to reality, I could go on forever about my mother!!!  lol

So on to topic... I think I am going to try and invent some kind of device that catches tears!!!!!!!  I am pretty sure we could end the drought in Oklahoma with the amount of tears being shed by Samarra these days!!!!!! I could be rich!!!!!!

I don't know what the heck is going wrong!!! Anxiety because school is coming maybe? I have no idea!! But I promise you we got some serious estrogen flyin in my house!!!!!!!!!!

BUT, here is a warning to all men out there!!!!!!!!

 I would not suggest any male come near my house for fear you might ingest too much estrogen and grow boobs or something!!!!!!!!!!  lololol  I crack me up..

We have been all over the spectrum this week from complete lack of connection with reality and choosing to sit in her room alone with the lights off and TV off. That one surprised me, cause that does not happen usually. She was going to spend the night with my dad for the first time and i could tell she was nervous a bit and she just started to withdraw, I could tell from me saying something to her and I know it was clear and loud enough to her sitting and staring off in space...... and she just got up and walked in there.. when i went in there and said something she grunted at me and never looked at me and got agitated...... WEIRD!  So I guess now I am going to have to learn caveman speech!!!!  UGGGGG  lolol

But to the other side of the spectrum where she is so intrusive that I have had to literally push her away from me and hold her back.........She was loud and heavy footed and aggressive, not in a mean way, but her actions were all with force...  I hate pushing her away like that, but seriously.. I cant breath at times she just wants to be like inside me and i just cant take it... after like 5 sec.. it has to stop.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH and TIME!!!!!! I promise i was going to go to the insane asylum if I heard the word....Second, minute, hour, or day, month, or year again!!!!!  It wouldn't stop!!! Everything was how many minutes, seconds.. and if i accidentally said it.. she would start counting.................GRRRRRRRRR  Oh i said a month till her birthday, then she rattles off how many minutes and seconds in a month and said she would count them........... finally i was like Samarra look in my eyes and you listen not mention time to me again today...........repeat what i just said............and she says........don't mention time for the rest of the day which is only blah blah hours and sec..............I gave up............  lololololol

So spectrum covered all the way... You know the bad thing about this..I never knew what was comin next!!!!!!!!!!  it was like having a different child every day!  You ever looked in one of those funny mirrors at a carnival............I think that is what my brain feels like!!!!

So she spend the night with my dad and as they left I said............ Good Luck!  lolol

Well it sounds as if it went pretty good, but if you did not see it or don't remember, Samarra gets nervous and cant stop it sometimes ... 4th of July is usually the day it happens mostly due to her anxiety about the fireworks........Well apparently she threw up a lot at there house after she went to bed and did not tell anyone about it, until it got steppe din of course... lolol.............OOPS!!! Sorry Dad, Sorry Janie= )

OK back to tears............WHEW do I know how to go on a tangent..... GRRRR

Everything cry.............Guess I don't need to say anymore.........  lolol

I gave her three bites of bread with pills........cry
I opened the door to Siahna's room.........cry
I wouldn't let her hit the baby..........cry
I looked at her wrong one time.........cry
I forgot to say no tomato on her taco................cry
Siahna touched her...................cry
She has to take a bath..............cry

Just name it, she cried........................Don't get me wrong we had some pretty serious mad moments this week too, but over such little things I think she may be having some kind of hormone shift or something.!!!!!!!!!! Cause seriously this girl acted like she was on a period from HELL!!!!!!!!!!

OK so lets not just talk about all the negative.................I have actually got her to help me clean the living room three times this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And she did it with out throwing things!!!!!!!!!! I also got her to clean her own mouth almost every day!

Yes, I know it sounds dumb, but i pick my battles and i just have not made a HUGE deal about some of them because I have enough to deal with!!!!!! She STILL when she eats PREFERS to use her hands rather than tableware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I walk in the other day and she had jello, holding it in both hands with it up to her mouth eating like she was eatin slop!!!!!!!!  What the???????????  I jumped on her and made her sit and eat the rest of it with the spoon i had given her while I sat there and watched her. Did the same thing with some mashed potatoes too....  I don't get it..........

Next year, try buttoning pants and snapping again................ Eventually we are going to run out of dresses and kids clothes that have elastic.. lolol

But she did clean her hands and wipe her face off all the way.. We both did a happy dance when she did it and she was so proud!!!!!!!!! lolol I did stand with her and show her to get it all clean, but still!!!!!! We are working on this so when she goes to school she wont be sitting around with food all over her after lunch.......she doesn't care, but i don't want the other kids talkin bout her..... I get so upset when i think she might get bullied again............I am telling you, if you have never dealt with that before, you will never understand how it feels to want to hurt someone else so bad!!!!!!!!!  OMG my blood is boiling now!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OK, I am ready to hit someone, i need a volunteer!!!!!!!!!!!  lolol


To be bullying a child who does not even know she is being bullied, she thinks she just has to follow their rules cause if they say it , it must be true............She doesn't understand what others do may not be right at times, she is literal.

Speaking of that.. lolol Samarra came up all excited this week to me and said ........"MOM!!!!!!!!!!!! I learned a metaphor!!!!!!!!!!!!"  I said Oh yea???  She says.. Yea! Cutting the cheese means farting!!!!!!!!!

OK, so maybe normally you would not praise a child for learning this, but the fact that she has learned a metaphor and will understand it........YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Of course afterwords we had to have about a 20 min conversation on why it meant that and how it doesn't make sense...............SIGH.. lololol

And the positive positive of the week...................She did not say she hated me , she did not mention any awesome way for me or anyone to die, she told me she loved me a couple times..................AND..............she said to me.. Mom you look like you could be a teenager still.............

OK, she got me................melt.............she is so sweet sometimes.................I wonder what the plan of hers is.......  lololol  JK!

I did not get many photos this time= (  Sorry, but I did get a YUMMY looking recipe!!!!!!!!!!

Check this out!!!  Zucchini Boats recipe!!


Me this week

UM.. Me this week again  lol

Onion rings and crab cakes at "The Shack"  YUM!!

Samarra happy!!!!  And just got hair did!

Stuffed shrimp..........Awesome!

What the???????????? My car is in the garage, why 115??

Have an awesome week!!!