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Well I am a mom of two wonderful kids that I have been blessed with!!! I am not a psychiatrist, or a doctor so anything I say is not the answer to all, it might not even be the right thing for me!! lol I do my best with who and what I have to overcome any challenge with lots and lots of prayer,my mom who is God given just to me for this very reason, my sisters, and friends! I love life, mostly positive........BUT I am insane at times, get to the point of wanting to explode! lol.. I sing kids songs way too much! Did I mention I am OCD when it comes to cleaning. Which believe it or not I think is what keeps me sane. When I clean, I love it. Breakdowns, crying, talking, just all seem to be ok as I clean..Thank God for OCD!!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Aspergers?? ODD I did a reverse "PSYCHO" on Samarra ALMOST!! Oct. 31, 2011

Happy BOO Day!!!!

So................. I think it would be way cool if all of OKC and surroundings would get together just one year and everyone dress up like zombies and walk around.. THAT WOULD BE SOOOO AWESOME!!! The only thing that could make it better would be if you shot one, they didn't really die..lololol OH well i guess i could just get my sub-human and sub-kid-humans to do it with me next year= )ha!

So this weekend was busy..........calm..........Extremely busy..........nap time.......crazy.........tired........more busy and crazy.......and now I am at work again.....How did that happen?? uggg REWIND= ) Oh well the button is stuck on fast forward.....= )

Weekend was pretty good... We went to a church Fall Festival on Saturday night which the girls had fun at.. of course Siahna did not really know what was going on, but she did walk the cake walk with me= ) Got a yummy plate of brownies which i am eating alone I might add.. gonna get FAT!!! I tried to give more away, but nope.. I got them ALL.... lolol I did not try real hard to give them away lololol

Siahna was Minnie Mouse and Samarra was Dorothy from The Wizard of OZ....... they looked cute= )Yes, I took pics= )

So the weekend was pretty normal, even though my normal is at least 3 complete meltdowns, a couple times I have to threaten death..........Talk about death.......Keep Samarra from getting the baby to jump off tables and such or trying to teach her to say bad things........ lolol But to me that is normal= ) I have to say that that is not even close what I used to deal with , so I am happy for now...

I think the thing that was driving me insane and I did loose it once...... WHAT??? I need to loose it every once in a while or I might explode....... ANYWAY...... Samarra kept following me around and CREEPING ME OUT!!!!!!!

So I told you last week the child had me jumping to the ceiling and hitting her across the room almost when she scared me to death when i opened my eyes from sleeping and she is staring at me..............


It is 5:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, kind of a chill in the air, dark outside. I know Samarra will be awake soon for her breakfast so I decide to go take a shower........ and I love my shower time.. relaxing..No kids.... So I am getting done with shower and I get cold so I only reach out of the shower for my towel and dry before I go into the colder air.. So as I am drying off I listen to see if I hear any children awake yet.. Complete silence.........WHEW........ I am done drying off and i open the curtain..

ONLY TO FIND.........

Samarra standing right next to the tub in front of me just staring at me...........


I swear if I had a knife I woulda been doing a reverse "PSYCHO" on her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I slipped and fell in the tub and got mad instantly of course.......TELL ME THAT IS NOT WEIRD.......... and then she just says.............

AND TELL me this is not just UUUUUUUUGGGGGGGG 

She says.. Is breakfast ready??????  
I want to say "Yes Honey.. I made breakfast while I was in the shower"..........  lolol

I think she is going to kill me one of these days.... The rest of the weekend I would be walking and I would turn around and she would be right there.. And I would just say.. MOVE please... And here is where I lost it once... I turned around once and said...

SAMARRA will you please stay away from me!!!!!!!!!

= ( She got upset and cried of course..........I felt bad of course............ I then just told her I love her , but dont follow me around.. and every time I walk near her she says sit down mom, sit down mom.. I seriously heard it like 100 times this weekend.. now the baby says it!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH well.. life could be A LOT I will take it= ) Tonight we have one more party to go to and then Halloween is done= )

Halloween pics and a couple weekend pics= )

Mimi even found red slippers= )

Yea.. it doesn't matter what I wear.. I am cute= )

I am going to take the ears off now!!!!
Trying to look innocent ........but what you did not see is her throwing money at people.... And then you didn't see me almost KO her.  JK  lol

Grandpa and Siahna= ) 

Have a great DAY!!!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Aspergers?? ODD... I feel so bad= ( Oct. 27, 2011

Yeah it is Friday eve!!! 
Payday Eve!!!

OK.........So I am going to start off with something that is bugging me..........I ge ton here at least four days a week and I talk about Samarra and some of the effects it has on me............ Well, I want to say that no matter what I say or do, I could not LOVE samarra anymore than if she was what is seen as "normal."

My love to her and Siahna and my whole family and friends is ALWAYS unconditional. However, I don't love easy either= )So I just wanted to say that cause I feel like there are so many negatives I say about Samarra and although they are true accounts of our life... Our life is not bad.. True we go way up and way down.. but there is love all over my house and I know she knows it and feels it.

It is more like when she has a meltdown it is because she is not processing something right, or there is an emotion that just goes crazy and she does NOT deal with emotions very well and she just gets overwhelmed and it comes out.

Two examples last night........... She has her Awana class on Wed. nights and J.R. was suppose to come, but it got changed to next week.........WELL .. CHANGE is the key word there......She went into her mode of........
Samarra:YES, he is coming!!...
Me: No honey he is not coming this week
Samarra:Yes.. it was planned and he will be there
Me: Honey I am telling you he will not be there tonight.
Samarra... he will be there.. he will be there... he will be there.
Samarra: Why does everyone LIE!!!!!!!
Samarra: ANGER has set in now and she is screaming and punching my seat and kicking her legs...
Me: Just driving and singing to keep me calm= )
Me: Honey would you rather stay home?
Samarra: weird growl and still kicking

So we set in the car, just sitting for like five more minutes and then she says.. So he is coming next week?? I said Yes..........UNLESS someone gets sick......... So she said OK..........Love you mommy and went to her class.......It is at this moment I always think..............REALLY???????????  When she got done she was so excited, she had a BLAST.. went on and on about what they did and was of course EXTREMELY excited to the point she was very intrusive in my space, but I just let her until she started kissing my face and saying I love you so much and was like taking my air away.. lol then i had to pull back and tell her to back up a bit.... AND of course it made her want to do it more, so i distracted by tickling her= )

Second was.. My aunt Inez passed yesterday.. The one I am suppose to look like and of course Samarra was laughing about it and I did get upset about that.. duh.. lol Anyway after she kept asking questions like did it hurt and did they have to cut her open and all with a smile it hit me she was dragging me into one of her creapy conversations so i stopped it and was upset and i kept on her this time and after i was upset for a bit, I walked away....... Later she says to me Mother, I am sorry Aunt Inez died and your sad, but what is the big deal.. She is with Jesus and you said it is awesome there right and I don't know why I think it is funny.. but if it is funny it makes this thing in my throat go away.....

I saw then for the first time she was trying to keep away the sad emotion that causes the welp in your throat  the emotion of REAL sadness......... Not the sadness of not getting her way.. but the true sadness.... But of course she had to through a little of her thought process in there of why she didn't think it was a big deal............that's fine too= ) She then started talking about things she remembered from the family reunions and how only four of the original kids are left now....

So I am thinking this is a good thing.. .this is the first time she turned around and explained something she was feeling even though she did not know what it was. it is not a fix, but it is a step= )

So we had some ups and downs but to me the night was not bad at all= )This morning Samarra says to me.. I love you so much mommy... you know why???
Me: Why?
Samarra: Cause your weird and you love me even though my IQ is higher than yours and I am weird too= )


I actually do love that she is different than other kids... NOW if she can only have the attitude I have which is.... I am me and I do not care even one bit what others think about me.. Cause it is not important in the big picture= ) My mom understood me growing up and she let me wear and be as weird as I wanted.. She knew who I was inside= )

I think my whole family knows I am kind of like that= ) I am the baby too though lololol

I love my family!!!

HALLOWEEN history photos
Samarra with a co-worker at OPUBCO

My Boo baby..  30 days old= )



No scary stuff since the kids= )

Bunny Wabbit

Mommy look at my candy!
My brother, Dwain= )

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Aspergers?? ODD...Embarrassing? She would rather die... Oct. 26, 2011

Good Morning Wednesday!!!

LOL I had to think of what day it was..... NEED COFFEE BAD today!

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE doctors appointments????????? UGGG I love the doctors , but I would rather not see them more than time at home!!!!!! lolol

So Samarra has had two appointments this week so far and another one on Friday.....The first one was her well check from turning 7.......Finally I am responsible enough to remember to take her in.. lol I forgot one year... OOPS.....HEY! I am in the state of lost mind a lot don't judge.. She is ok........ NOW I did not say I was a good parent to Siahna........SOMEONE should have told me the well checks didn't go to every year until AFTER they are 2 years old! She missed two well checks...UGGGGGGGGGG

Well I think I have got the well check schedule down now for babies, but I don't need to know anymore! lol OH WELL, if you forget ask me..lololol

So we go to appointment and Samarra has to get a shot....This child went insane as usual.. I tried to explain it is better to get the shots then to get real sick... OF COURSE she asked if she could die if she didn't.. I told her some people have and this is her response....

"That's ok, I will die.. I am ready to see Jesus.....I have a lot of questions anyway"


All she had was one shot and she decided death was better.. lol Well of course as usual I had to go into SUMO WRESTLER MODE and hold her down, I felt like I was trying to play the game twister!!!!!!! I was in positions I did not know I could ge tin trying to hold her still!!!!!!! OMG I hate that! Oh and my old butt is sore now.. IS SHE??? NO. As soon as it was done, she said.. I didn't even feel it.!!!!!!! THEN I wanted to ring her neck! lolol Oh did I mention her anxiety gets so high she starts vomiting.. That is nice as well....

So her sister has to get two shots and two more in two weeks cause I forgot to bring he rin for her last two well checks= ( And of course Samarra thinks it is funny and laughing and saying of course inappropriate things like I hope it hurts her real bad and Can I come watch? Strange child... We are working on it though and it is not as gruesome as it used to be= )YAY!!!! No more blood spurting stories lately!!!

Then the other appointment was with her behavior doctor.......So here is the routine... We go in.. I check her in... they give her a paper and colors to draw a picture for the doctor and then she comes back and turns it in to the front desk....When they draw they go in the drawing room right off the waiting area, I do not go in. So the lady takes her in there and starts explaining to Samarra what to do.....

AND THEN I got embarrassed.........But should I have???

Samarra says to the lady in a kind of yucky voice.... "Is this your first day here??? I know what I am doing, you don't need to tell me. I remember everything, I am not stupid"

OMG! I was like I am so sorry!.... She said at that doctors office she is used to it.... the get obviously all kinds of different behaviors in that office, hence the doctor s profession lol

But I felt just horrible, I did not let her get away with it.. With the doctor we talked about how the secretary might have felt and Samarra just did not get it at all......So we practiced in me saying something to her similar and asked her how she felt and she said that maybe it was mean.. but you could see it just did not register.........But we did make her write a note of apology to the secretary.. We were going to do it with words. but her "sorries" are not taken well mostly cause she rolls her eyes and somehow offends again...... That is another project on the list= )

So on a positive note and a proud mommy note.....Samarra got her report card and it was ALL A's WELL DID YOU DOUBT?? This is even with upping her school work and the lessons to third grade levels on some stuff!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO......... She is also studying to be in the National championship spelling contest!!!! She could win that one hands down IF she does not let distractions get to her.

Here is her report card if you can see it= )

OH and Samarra gave me a compliment!!!!!!!! She said my eyes were pretty!!!!!!!!!  I will take it!!!!! Does this mean she thought of someone else besides her??? Is this a break through??? 

Have an AWESOME day!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Aspergers?? ODD... I am BACK!!!! It was like a BLOOD BATH!!! Oct. 25, 2011

Happy Tuesday again!!!

WOW!!!!!!!!! It has been since last Tuesday since I was able to write on here.......OK, this is what happened..............LIFE!!!!

UGGGG but why did so much life have to happen at one time???

Lets see if I can sum this up....Fall break......An employee had a medical issue come up with family and did not work........other employees off for Fall break.........5 doctors appt. for various things......I am sure there is more, but i lost it in the brain somewhere!

So it is still busy, but I had a moment to breath........Although it has been busy, at least everyone is well and happy= )

So I am going to focus on one subject today.. the thing that has me most aggrevated lately......I dont think Samarra can EVER be happy..... I seriously am at a loss....I dont know what to do and I need help from anyone!!!


Yea, ok that is normal behavior to a POINT with most kids......BUT like I say.. Samarra is "TO THE EXTREME" with everything........

So family dinner at my place on Friday night, then I let her go to her cousins to sleep over.... She did not even come back until 6:30 the next night....

NO I LOVE YOU..............NO HI.............NO I MISSED YOU...........

She walks in crying and flaring about and saying things like her life is horrible and no one ever lets her do anything and she wants to go back with her cousins.. I had to practically drag her in the door!!!!!!

WHAT THE HECK IS THAT???????? I KNOW if I had not let her go she would have complained a bit, but nothing even this close.... Well, I just ignored her and told her I loved her and missed her and that sent her into an anger rage.......throwing things........So I snapped a bit and said...........

Sorry MOM and Dad if you read this= )

I said........OH HELL NO!!!!!!! DO IT AGAIN!!!!! DO IT AGAIN.........She just looked at me and it did keep her from throwing, but she was screaming , so I basically dragged her to her room and shut the door.....OH about 10 min later it got quiet and she walked out and said completely normal Whats for dinner.. I missed you mommy....

What the???? Freakin up and down, I do not like this at all! But this always happens when she gets something........the bigger it is, the worse it gets........AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we proceeded on with the night and she even said herself......I am so tired I don't even know how to control my brain! Like I have said a billion times.. tired and Samarra don't mix!

Ok, this is my blog and I can write what I want and I want to say with honestly............I LOVE SAMARRA!!!!!!!!!!! But when things like this happen I just wish she had not come home for a moment.= ( I don't mean I don't ever want her there, I just want so bad for a time when I get home, or she comes back home and shows some loving acknowledgement toward me or anyone really..... I know it is hard for her to having to try and sort emotions and try to show the right responses to different emotions, but DANGIT it is hard for me to!

We will get there I KNOW IT!!! But I will never make it with out God!!!!! She is already perfect to him= ) She is 7, I still have time= )

OH I missed you blog.. I needed to write.........

Here are some pics... YAY!!
Siahna was still amazed at the elephant at the zoo that squished a pumpkin and ate it..... I took a pic of it and she carries it around saying.... "Ephant skish punkin ate all gone"  AWWW  She had to have her safari hat on.. it has an elephant on the front of it  lolol
Safari Siahna

Add caption
Sunday the cousins were at my house after church till that night and I got some photos= )
Kara, Siahna, Samarra, and Elizabeth

Playing freeze tag= )


Samarra trying to pose= )

My first attempt at a picture with all of them looking at me  lol

 So................. while I went inside for drinks the girls found some RED bubbles an d decided to not blow bubbles but to shake it around so they all looked like the had chicken pox........NICE....  lol  IT LOOKED LIKE A BLOOD BATH!!!
Siahna BEFORE bubble blood bath........Looking beautiful I might add= )
The girls targeted me cause I am little!! It is not my fault= )

And if you wonder, yes, the colored bubbles are truly washable= )  WHEW!
Have a great day!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Aspergers?? ODD .....aaaahhhhhhh AIR HURTS!!! Oct. 20, 2011

Happy Thursday!!!!!!!!

My eyes open as I am laying on my right side in the bed, I know my alarm has went off one time so I better get up.........I stretch.. close my eyes and roll over and open my eyes to have a 7 year old staring at me.......... AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

I silent scream and jump .........I swear I almost hit the ceiling and at the same time hit her which sent her flying across the room......She is crying, my heart feels like I am about to have a heart attack............THIS IS NOT THE BEST WAY TO WAKE UP!!!!!!! lolololololol

AND........ Now my back hurts= ( POOR ME....... Well I have to get sympathy somewhere, why not from me??? lololol

OK calm now and can you guess what Samarra's first words were???????????? AWWW you do read my blog... lol YUP, Have you made my breakfast???? WHAT THE???? Did she just miss that I just got scared awake just now.. how the HECK could I make breakfast yet????? lololol I say.. ummm have I been out of my room yet? She says no........I say .. So how was I to make breakfast already.... She says..............

Are you ready?????????????? 

Mom can you start setting your alarm to get up at like 4 so you can make it and then you can go back to bed for a while and then it will be ready when I wake up??????????


I said not just HECK NO... I said HECK TO THE NO! She replies with.. But I am hungry!!!!... Samarra.. can you please wait just a minute, I will get it!........She walks off like I am never going to feed her crying........


Anyway, I did not write yesterday cause I am swamped at work and i was just out of sorts after the morning...........That was yesterday by the way... today was not quite as bad, but I do get the breakfast drama every morning..........I dont like it....the end.

Like seriously every morning i get pissed instantly the second she opens her eyes.......= ( But the important thing is.. I dont show it.. I try to stay calm and tell her I love her and try to focus on happy and distractions lolol

So I THOUGHT I was going to the dentist just to get a check on having some work done yesterday and NOOOOOOOOOOO I get there and they do some work.......OUCH!!!
So last night, all night I was so hurting........I had not planned this in my day and i am not happy camper........... I really need to let this doctor know that OCD does not factor in unexpected pain!!!!!! THE AIR HURT MY TOOTH!!!!!

So basically breathing was hurting.........Lets see live and have pain... quit breathing and die............ lololol I took bunches of pain pills instead and had nightmares from them.......I think that was the best choice lolol

Well I have another BUSY day coming so I better get these kids to moms and go to work..........

I took some cute pics of the girls awwwwww........Siahna is going to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween and mom and I tried the hat on her= ) CUTE CUTE......Also Samarra got her hair DID again.....WHEW pretty soon I am going to have to get a person who does hair... Seriously when I do her hair, parts of it I am standing two feet away from her!!!!!!!!!

What is this crap on my head???
I guess I like this on my head now= )

AWWWW Sisterly love.........What the?? what is wrong with Samarra's eyes??

Some more sisterly love.lolol.. Siahna.. Are we done with the love yet??


Why do I have jingle bells in my head???
Have an awesome day!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Aspergers?? ODD... I am missing something!!! Oct. 18, 2011

Happy Tuesday!!!

Ok, I know I am a strange one.........I have known this since I was a child and now you will know a bit more. lololol

So why is it....A fly is in my house I have NO issues killing it, but I feel guilty and sad when a fly gets in my car and it flies out of my car once I get to my destination?? I feel all bad that it probably feels lost..= ( So I have had a fly friend in the car or about two days and it flew out this morning........I tried to kill him the whole time in the car.. and now it flew out i feel bad.........That is just goofy! lololol

One of these days I will NOT get all excited thinking Samarra will run up and say "HI MOMMY" when I get home, cause i get kinda sad every day when all I get is her running up and saying "What's for dinner? Is it ready?" I don't know why I expect it to change.. but I guess I hope= ) Siahna runs up with her baby voice and says mommia and hugs me..........AAAAAWWWWWWW I guess one is better than none= )

Overall the night was pretty good.. Samarra has discovered NetFlix on the Wii and is playing Wii sports the last few days.. It wont last, but for now it is ok= )

I actually sit down to play with her and of course she beats me,I think it is because I have a baby crawling on me lol Samarra also decided yesterday that she will do the "STAR system" this week and so everything she did last night was only to get a star lol but hey.. she did something lolol

So I guess it is a good thing to get her to do more..........but the concept behind it is a lost cause.......I asked her to do something last night and she says... I guess I dont need a star right now............LOLOLOL
She says the star system she will play along with cause she knows it makes me feel like I am in control..........SIGH.............lolololololol  How do you get past that Mr./Mrs/ therapist. Maybe it should not, but THAT CRACKS ME UP!!!  

Ok, so I have to tell you..... Since last Thursday morning I have had this really strong feeling of missing something and sometimes it is very powerful to the point it becomes a bit emotional .. not to the point of crying or anything.. just a feeling.....I FIGURED IT OUT!! Last Wed. afternoon I had my last appt to check to make sure I am healing from surgery and after that it hit me......... I was told before hand that MOST woman experience some depression after they have a hysterectomy and I was like NOT ME!!! Well guess what??? that is the feeling of "missing" I am having.... NO way am I depressed and wont.. but it makes sense now.... So Now I know.. time for it to stop! I was seriously getting upset it wouldn't go away and wondered what I was forgetting or what... WHEW mystery solved.. yay!!!= )

So Siahna got into the wipes last night and I am pretty sure with in less than 2 minutes they had over 50 wipes all over the living room and were trying to cover there bodies to be mummies... lolol and they had this light up microphone holding it to their faces to look scary... Samarra did not get the scary look down, but Siahna nailed it..... creapy!!!

Here are a couple pics from last night= )

Have an AWESOME DAY!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Aspergers?? ODD.... ZOO time with PICS PICS!! !! OH, and I am sooo glad your child is perfect....... Oct. 17, 2011

Yes..........It is Monday..............How I miss Friday............ But I am ready.. Bring it on!  lolol

Ever feel like there is a suction that starts pulling you back to Monday morning from the time you step foot in your house on Friday after work??? Well this weekend i didn't hold on too well.. I got WARPED! BLAH But the part I did get to have was pretty fun= )

I took pictures too!!! Yay Mommia, Yay Mommia!!!

So Friday started out with how much Samarra hates me cause I shattered her dreams of having a nice long relaxing dinner for ME out at Chili's.......... LOLOLOL I am so glad she planned this time off for me to pay for her and the baby to go out.... lol She get her way anyway lolol So this went into a full breakdown..........poor thing, you could see her eyes even puffy from being tired.. She does NOT function well tired... Another one of those situations where she tries to use her smarts to get her way........... Cant I just get some love please lol

Saturday got up with full intentions of going to the zoo.. but DID NOT tell Samarra, cause I knew she would tune into an African bush woman with the full on tribal dance look for hours from the time she woke up and bugged me to the point of me not going... lolol So I just did what I needed to do and right before we left I told her and yes, IT HAPPENED........I so wish i could get pictures of this.... WEIRD.......She can not control her emotions like others and no matter the emotion it is to the most extreme level! Guess it is better than when she gets angry..............BUT then sometimes her excitement gets rough and has hurt me and the baby before , so I still have to be careful...

So we went and I got some awesome pictures= )

So during the whole trip at the zoo, Samarra is focused on Samarra.. cause she is the only one that exists in her world and She honestly does not even know how to care about others.. seems she always has an agenda.......So although she had a good time.. She was very persistent in trying to get her way all day...........REMEMBER with Samarra, the more you do.. the more she wants and she will never be satisfied.

I get so angry at times, but I controlled it MOSTLY.. one time I SWEAR I almost popped her in the mouth.... OK all you DHS wanna be callers.. don't freak on me..... I don't mean HIT her.. I mean POP her...........Anyway.. so at the zoo.. .. Snow cones, candy, animals, drinks, rides, ALL the rides, and we are about to leave and Samarra says.. That's it?? I want something from the gift shop again.... I said no, we alredy did.... An elephant.. sarcastic yay.... baby thing.....Samarra you wanted it.. She says AND? I am like girl you better stop........... She says and this is where I wanted to pop her.... I dont ever get nothing......... everyone else gets to do things I dont......The zoo.. wow... thanks........

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I turned blood red and the heavens split open with a big bolt of lightning shooting out my eyes..............And right then GOD put his hand between me and my child and held my hand down to my side and said NO_NO.... lololol

I would like to say this is the first time this has happened.. but it happens all the time and the bigger the surprise is, the worse it is......I think cause in her mind she builds it up to be somethign out of this world and then she sees it is not........Kind of like she hates ALL toys cause they do NOT do what it looks like on the commercials.........She isnt dumb.... BUT she has to learn to be grateful and I dont know how to instill this.. I have tried telling her of unfortunate families and she laughs.... SIGH= ( was a fun weekend to me and despite Samarra and her words.. she had fun too.. Siahna LOVED the zoo!!!

Cute story about Samarra.. I don't mean to come on here and bad mouth Samarra... I hope you don't read it that way.. just situations we go through.. and hopefully maybe someone reading knows .. YOUR NOT ALONE!!! I am insane too, I loose it too and it is ok= )

So I buy a Pumkin pie at the store on Sunday and Samarra sees it and says.... MMMMM I cant wait to harvest that!.... lololol

Well of course more happened on my weekend.. cry, break things, throw things, screaming, rocking, and it still was a great weekend! YAY

Here are the pics of this weekend in no order= ) My babies are so beautiful.. Wait am I one of those mothers with unattractive kids and show them off too much??????????  NAH.. no way.. They are super cute!  = )  How could they not be.. ummmmm  look at me and my momma, we are smokin= )  lolololol

OHHHHHHH and to anyone who might run across this blog and was out at the zoo when Samarra was on the Leapin Lizard and commented on how funny she looked for not bending her her waist or  legs and jumping...And how she looked not normal............................DUMB BUTT's she cant!!!!! Your lucky I did not hurt you........  Can she bend her legs... yes..... has she been to therapy to help her... yes......... when she is anxious and nervous do you think she thinks of bending her legs... NO............ I am so glad your child is perfect...= ) Ok now I am happy again= )

My friend told me I should have said something .. to make them understand...........But why should I............People shouldn't bad mouth anyone... Do you really think God made a mistake with Samarra????? NO!!!!!!!!!!! OK, I have got to stop.. I could go OFF in a 100 page post if I dont...

YES, I realize she looks a bit stiff here, but she was having a blast......
I'm a big girl now.......almost= )


Mommie and baby= )

Did you know they have a show??  it was cool.. no circus stuff, just normal every day stuff making sure they are healthy... I am not a big fan of circus shows with animals= )

Aw she laid down for them to check something on his head.. ears maybe?

I love the elephants and so did Siahna!

Was a very nice area for the elephants.. I really think they looked happy which I was glad to see.. the old area was NOTHING compared to this... Beautiful job!

Picking up foot to get underside checked.

Add caption

Awesome tunnel with sculpted elephants on the wall... very cool.. My beauties= )

Sisterly love.. I think it was for real this time  lol

She is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UMMM  I do NOT know about this....

Samarra loved the Leapin Lizard

Honey Bunnies= )   AWWWW

Have a GREAT Monday!!!!!!