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Well I am a mom of two wonderful kids that I have been blessed with!!! I am not a psychiatrist, or a doctor so anything I say is not the answer to all, it might not even be the right thing for me!! lol I do my best with who and what I have to overcome any challenge with lots and lots of prayer,my mom who is God given just to me for this very reason, my sisters, and friends! I love life, mostly positive........BUT I am insane at times, get to the point of wanting to explode! lol.. I sing kids songs way too much! Did I mention I am OCD when it comes to cleaning. Which believe it or not I think is what keeps me sane. When I clean, I love it. Breakdowns, crying, talking, just all seem to be ok as I clean..Thank God for OCD!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Aspergers?? ODD.........It was great, but I had to be lazy to get peace!!! Nov. 14, 2011

Happy Happy Monday!!!

And yes, I mean it this week.. I am in a great mood!!! How could I not be... Had a good weekend.. mom came home..The end...lololol

I think after the crazy week me and the girls were ready for a good weekend. Amazing how much impact my mother has on Samarra and me too= )

The only issues we had this weekend it with the ODD = Oppositional Defiant Disorder for those who may not even know what ODD is........If you tell Samarra to do something, or not to do something, she does it 75% of the time until you get right on her........, but if you tell her NOT to do something she ALWAYS attempts to do it again, or she will throw a spin on it somehow and say things like I didn't throw the book, I threw the ball.......You didn't say don't throw the ball...........UGGGGGGGGGG................Mental NOTE to self..........When telling her not to do something either name everything in the world or explain it means everything in the world....  lololol

Or something else, I ask Samarra could you turn the TV up a little so Siahna can hear the babies...She then jumps up and turns it up to like 40!!!!!!!! Then the baby cries and Samarra laughs.....Or I ask her to pick up her cup and put it in the sink, she picks it up and throws it across the room hoping it goes in sink......

So it was annoying things like that that we got to deal with this weekend, so really not bad= )

It was so funny though...........Ya know I try to tell people, but they don't listen and get there feelings hurt or get upset, or mad........WHY DON'T PEOPLE BELIEVE ME????

So Samarra's daddy took her bowling this weekend........I told him like a week ago when he said they were going.......She will complain while she is there, she will try to drain you of all your money to eat and play video games and she will say she is bored........He says.. No she wont cause we will have fun= ) OH and the more you give the more she wants!!!!!! She can not be satisfied. However that is not completely true....... I know the weekend went smoother cause she did go.......So plus for all of us really= )

He comes home all mad, talking about how she said she was saying she was bored and when they got done asked to go somewhere else and saying how she never gets to do anything fun............LOLOLOLOL OK, SAD yes, but I told him= ) THIS IS WHY .......NO one really likes to take her anywhere or watch her.......

People, grown-ups apparently still need satisfaction that they did a good job of letting kids have fun....... lolol I understand, but get over it when it comes to her= ) Not going to happen, not yet anyway.....She is 7, kids are like that to a point anyway, hers is just magnified... Give her a few more years= ) But like I said, she remembers it as special for some reason, so do it for her and quit thinking about your self need.........I do it...

The only thing you can do is ignore it and tell her we just wont go anywhere anymore and she gets upset and its over.. Then she will tell stories about all she did and how fun it is like she creates a whole new scene lolol

So this weekend, the girls and I went to Cici's pizza, then a dollar store for a couple toys.. a car, and a Thomas train and went home on Friday... We played alot of games and play-doh, moon doh, glow sticks, hide and seek, wii, x-box connex, went to church, walmart, cleaned, laundry, NAP thank the Lord!!

And we had a great time for most of it.......BUT let me remind you once again......The more you give, the more she wants.. every time i started to leave the room or get up..........Samarra would say.. sit down.....when i left the room she was right there, are you going to come sit back down.........Sometimes she would say sit down if i even moved a little on the couch or bed....... DANG.. cant i even blink???

But it was good, but I feel lazy kind of... I guess my peace comes with a dirty house........NOT REALLY........Did you really think I could let it be dirty... lolol I just did most of it like in speed mode.... I even broke a sweat!

Here a few picks of us playing= )
I love her fat cheeks!!!!
See I got play-doh and it looks even better when i shake it!  lol

Both girls with glow sticks playin, ok, I played too.. It was fun!!!!= )

Siahna with her glow stick= )

Our Moon-doh and Play-doh barn.....Awesomeness!!!

Samarra making animals with moon-doh= )

She is so cute= )

Have a GREAT DAY!!!!!!


  1. I dont mind going anywhere with her or watching her. I guess I dont notice that trait when I am with her. No matter what she says after she thinks about it- it is going to be the greatest day Thinking about it every ones lives would be much easier if every one would understand that the world DOES revolve around both of us and just do what we want, when we want. Samarra and I need to have lunch and plan that out.