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Well I am a mom of two wonderful kids that I have been blessed with!!! I am not a psychiatrist, or a doctor so anything I say is not the answer to all, it might not even be the right thing for me!! lol I do my best with who and what I have to overcome any challenge with lots and lots of prayer,my mom who is God given just to me for this very reason, my sisters, and friends! I love life, mostly positive........BUT I am insane at times, get to the point of wanting to explode! lol.. I sing kids songs way too much! Did I mention I am OCD when it comes to cleaning. Which believe it or not I think is what keeps me sane. When I clean, I love it. Breakdowns, crying, talking, just all seem to be ok as I clean..Thank God for OCD!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Aspergers?? ODD...Mommy is back!!!!

Happy Friday!!

Happy Veteran's Day!!!

Thank you to all who serve our country!!

OMGosh...........My MOMMY is back!!!!!!!!! I realized something....Not only did Samarra change when my mother left, I did too... I have felt a bit empty and kind of blue since she left..Like I want to just be around her all weekend!! Which I am sure she does not want. lololol So I will be a pest to her like Samarra is to me at times lolololol Wait does that mean she is like me again??????????

OH GREAT!!!! Before I get done with this blog i will have diagnosed myself with Aspergers and ODD.......LOLOLOLOL

So Samarra has lost all anger last night....She started crying last night saying she was so glad Mimi was home............Kind of sweet, but then again, I wished she could handle her emotions better.......We will get there= )

She is off to the Science Museum today and this will be her FIRST time to go anywhere with out a family member there. She is acting a bit nervous trying to think of all the people who could go.. she begged Mimi to go, but mom is real tired from the trip. I think it will be good for her to go with out us. She was repeating over and over... I can do this.. I can do this... I can do this.... AAWWWWWWWW I know she can or I would be stressed= ) But at least she was trying to psych herself up= ) GOOD GIRL...

So with my sick butt and the girls sick butts this week has seemed like a year! I promise i cant sleep enough.... Being real tired does not fit well with an OCD person.....I sit down more and then feel guilty about being lazy.....BLAH.. And I actually went to bed with out picking up some toys..........And yup as I feared....... I got up and stepped on it this morning, cause I have this few moments where I am walking but not awake running into walls moments  ............lolol

See there is a reason I clean, not just OCD... lolol

Ya know it seems the more I type the weirder I sound...........hum.........I am going to quit typing now and finish getting ready= ) So I can pretend to be normal...lololol

I had some awesome opportunities to take pics last night, but I was in the middle of it and cant take pics of us while we are playing lol so here are some cute ones just because= )
Before I straitened Samarra's hair one time= )

After I straitened her hair......WOW!!!!

Cool kid.... cool cat= )

Have a GREAT DAY and weekend!!!
OK I thought just then........ "May the force be with you".........OMGosh I need help!

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