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Well I am a mom of two wonderful kids that I have been blessed with!!! I am not a psychiatrist, or a doctor so anything I say is not the answer to all, it might not even be the right thing for me!! lol I do my best with who and what I have to overcome any challenge with lots and lots of prayer,my mom who is God given just to me for this very reason, my sisters, and friends! I love life, mostly positive........BUT I am insane at times, get to the point of wanting to explode! lol.. I sing kids songs way too much! Did I mention I am OCD when it comes to cleaning. Which believe it or not I think is what keeps me sane. When I clean, I love it. Breakdowns, crying, talking, just all seem to be ok as I clean..Thank God for OCD!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Aspergers??ODD Too much estrogen in my house!!! Nov.7, 2011

MONDAY............ enough said  lolol

Does it sometimes aggravate you when people say HAPPY MONDAY!!  I know I say it, but I think this sets peoples emotions off .. they get mad  lolol  I am going to see how many people I can make mad by being very upbeat and happy this morning.   lololol People love to drag you down with them... but it is so hard to bring them up!!! my mission today... I will let you know if I fail and get cranky  lolol

So this weekend was crazy!!!!!

I had my sisters daughter there all weekend and this is a good thing and a bad thing.....Understand I am not complaining, but with an extra person comes different emotions in Samarra and Siahna.

Siahna loves it, she has a little playmate that will actually play with her. However Elizabeth is used to being the little one around her house and having her older sister do what older sisters do so I had to get on Elizabeth quite a few times and tell her NOT to yell at the baby and if she doesn't want the baby getting her drink, then don't leave it down and that the baby does not understand separating barbies and not to touch things lolol This is the ok, part, Siahna loved it!!!

Samarra on the other hand tolerates it for a while here and there, but like usual I have to tell her to get away from me more... She just doesn't play, but it messes up her CHI and says things like well I usually do this and I cant cause they are doing this...... She tries to get Elizabeth to play what she wants to play and Elizabeth doesn't want to so then they argue and Samarra gets mad and gets aggressive about it! Then she gets in trouble and does not understand why..

She will say like Why am I in trouble??? I didn't do anything, Elizabeth wouldn't play what I want. OH WELL THEN ITS OK... lolol um no.....She wants it HER way and there is no other way......

She said once.. why cant these kids understand me..........lolol And that is why she wants to be around me, cause they are babies.... Elizabeth is only 6 months younger than Samarra...........

LAWD have MERCY!!!..........I swear if I hear another fight........I think the hormone estrogen is a fighting hormone... The level in my house this weekend was TOOOOO MUCH!!!!!

Samarra prefers to be around Kara, she is 12..........But Kara doesn't want to be around Samarra cause she is so young....... and Samarra does irritate Kara a lot.= (

We even went to her Nana and Grampa's house for a cook out this weekend on Saturday and all the cousins were playing with lots of stuff and having fun and samarra is sitting at the table with the grown folk.......I kept sending her back to play, but she would get upset and start to cry and would be back with in a couple minutes.......


UGGGG See I try to think of all these things she can do to learn more social skills , but she just has NO interest at all........She does well in a one on one setting and the other person has to do what she wants......

Simple??? UM NO!

I have thought about having some of the kids from school over, but I am scared the kid will say HECK NO!!!! And I can only have them come to me, not her go to them..........OK, I must stop now, i want to cry..........And my mission is to make others happy today= ) Oh wait , I don't feel like crying anymore, i just remembered the times this weekend that Samarra looked at me like I was going die cause she didn't get what she wanted!! Like I said before.. Plastic knives in my house= )

So I am going to stop worrying about this and I will figure it out later..........LAZY ME......

Here a couple pics of Siahna and her cousin Destiny... I forced Samarra to get in one as well. lol

Here is another pic of Samarra on that same chair when she was younger= )  SUPER STAAAAAAAA!!!

Have a GREAT MONDAY!!!!!!

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