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Well I am a mom of two wonderful kids that I have been blessed with!!! I am not a psychiatrist, or a doctor so anything I say is not the answer to all, it might not even be the right thing for me!! lol I do my best with who and what I have to overcome any challenge with lots and lots of prayer,my mom who is God given just to me for this very reason, my sisters, and friends! I love life, mostly positive........BUT I am insane at times, get to the point of wanting to explode! lol.. I sing kids songs way too much! Did I mention I am OCD when it comes to cleaning. Which believe it or not I think is what keeps me sane. When I clean, I love it. Breakdowns, crying, talking, just all seem to be ok as I clean..Thank God for OCD!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Aspergers???ODD... Like I said DONT skip the medicine !!! Nov. 2, 2011

Happy Wednesday!!

So I was lazy....  YUP.. me, I KNOW weird huh.....I had a prescription for Samarra to get filled and it came down to only having one pill for Samarra to take............I thought, well at least she is getting one and I will get the rest today........NOW, I absolutely hate she takes medicine anyway, I put it off for a LONG time and then I gave in and tried it and was AMAZED at how much it helped her. Which in turn helps me, but I was thinking of her for realz!


I was going to call the teacher and let her know, but I figured I would let it go and just see how things go.............WELL.........NOT SO WELL.. OOPS MY BAD..

Lets see............. How is a report of Samarra had a great day today in her daily notes everyday change to...............Samarra was aggressive and uncooperative and kept lying all day. She lied 10 times I can count and she lost all recesses and will be doing 25 sentences for every lie she told. She obviously put her cell phone number on the note for me to call her...........AND I DID..

The WEIRD thing is.........She tells things that don't get her anything like you kinda expect kids to try... She just tells elaborate stories that are SCARY to think of......... I am so scared she will say something that is not true and I ruin someones life from believing her, or the opposite, something does happen and I blow her off........


So she told the teacher she walked to school and the teacher of course didn't think it was true, but she goes on to tell her that when she was walking down the track on 15th by the gold course that a man came up and talked to her... The teacher says.. well what did he say.. She says.. Oh nothing really just asked where I was going and stuff.. Samarra don't you mean your mom dropped you off and you walked up the path... She says.. No my mom couldn't today so she trusted me to get here??????????? Seriously???? I am such a afraidy cat that I don't let her go in the front yard by herself!!! ???(Yes, I know afraidy is not a word, but I am using it anyway...lololol) Samarra has her teacher going so much that the teacher called my mom.

#2 Was about a Halloween event she went to.. which she did not go. We went to a church Fall festival.

#3 How I just let her do whatever she wants and she has to make her own dinner and watch the baby......... YEA right, UM HELLO....OCD!!!!!!!! Do you really think ever I could even dream of that happening with out fear of my dying of stress overload??????

#4 Telling her friends about when she was born and a person at the school in 4th grade was there and their moms cause we are best friends.....??????? UM, NO!!! and if they were there, do you really think i would just have friends standing around while I try to produce a baby out of my body.........NO........lolololol

I don't remember all of them, but the teacher said she would call her on it and she would get angry of course then when the teacher asks her why she keeps doing it.......Samarra pulled the "OL" Cause I am bad routine.......... YUP, the teacher knows not to fall for that.. I warned her! She tried that on me too and i shut it down quick and then she laughed and said It is fun, to see how they react........ SSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I told you!!!!!

Well she was not laughing once we got home...She came home with sentences and yup guess what..........She will be getting a spanking.......YUP, I know some people just don't agree with that................You can also say this is my fault for not giving her all her medicine from me being lazy.............BUT medicine does NOT make you lie! I have seen her off her meds and she is very hard to control emotionally and physically sometimes, but LYING????????? NO!!!!!!!!!

Do you not see how these kind of lies are going to hurt someone??? But on the good side, i did talk to her about it. I am sure did NO good, I hope so, but she closes off to such things, but maybe it will be in her head somewhere and she will think about it..

So needless to say, the night was a SUCKO night.. for her and me.. But I stayed calm= ) YEA ME!!!

The aftermath is my back hurts from trying to hold on to her a couple times!!!!!!!

After all was done, I was ready to pass out from so much drama.........And so was she... She went right to sleep and she had ALL her meds again....... So I am looking forward to having my regular insane nights back!!!!!!!!!

Now that I think about it, i guess it takes a sucko night to make me remember that the other nights really aren't that bad at all= )

So now on to my day.......Still smiling= )

NO, I did not take pictures of the drama, just was not thinking of pics.. so here are some oldies= )
This is Samarra when she is at the beginning stages of a complete meltdown...I only know it by the look in her eyes...

Yes, panties are for your head.. Somehow when I lay the clothes out for the next day, she has to put them on her head= ) lolol

LOLOL  I need an adult pair!

Have an awesome day!!!!!!

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